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5 Tips to Improve Website Visibility for Better Google Ranking USA 2021

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5 Tips to Improve Website Visibility for Better Google Ranking USA 2021 | Most people who start building their first website believe that as soon as their website goes online, there will be a flood of people visiting it and bringing new business to them.

In fact, this is not always the case. The new website is like a store in a great desert. No website is visible to anyone. All of our efforts to use Search Engine have the sole purpose of increasing the visibility of a website. So that is the essence of SEO.

However, first, we must understand what website visibility is. Even before we talk about website visibility in search engines, we should be aware of how people interact with search engines. They type some keywords into the search box and the search engine displays a search result called the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

The domains shown above in the SERP are more visible than the ones below. Indicates the relationship between website visibility and keywords. Now we can explain it.

What is Website Visibility for Better Google Ranking

Website visibility is calculated as a percentage AND based on specific keywords. There is no such thing as a perfect appearance. Whenever we say visibility means the appearance of a “set of keywords”.

So, for example, if we identify 100 keywords, our domain visibility will be based on those 100 keywords. If our website has a 10% visibility mark, it could mean that there is a 10% chance that someone will click on our website if someone types one of those bold words.

SEO tools tell you visibility points like SEMrush or SEO Profiler, asking you to enter keywords that you want to know about your appearance. The choice of keywords is therefore important to find points that appear on the website.

If you choose the wrong keywords that are less competitive and less valuable to your business, you can get higher visibility points. However, this high-visibility school will not bear the fruits of business.

Now I think you have chosen some useful keywords after proper research and your visibility points are completely valid so this is the time to discuss how we can improve visibility. Here are five strategies that can be made:

1. Eliminate Errors and Errors in Your Website

This function is also called “technical SEO”. The search engine hates websites with errors like broken links. The first thing to do is to remove all errors. You can find errors by using tools such as frog screaming or deep crawling.

Not only bugs but also slow-moving websites can’t find the best Google rankings. IGTmetrix is ​​a free tool that can not only speed up your site but also suggest how to improve it. Use this tool and do it right. Also, not following Google’s guidelines can be a big mistake. Some people argue that Google is illegal.

That’s fine but because you rely on Google to get traffic, you have to follow their SEO guidelines or you will be penalized.

2. Set the Most Important Content
If you want to make search engines fun, then make your website readers satisfied with some important and well-researched content. As you get a higher Google rank, you are competing with many others in your niche, you have to beat them deeper with the value of your content.

Do not simply repeat content from other websites. Create your own content and publish regularly. Look at content such as body image for your website. When writing content, focus on your audience. But for that, you have to do hard work. Do the following:

  1. Think about your target customers. Who their problems and their problems are. Most website owners have a vague idea of ​​their customers only. They think of some random people who are interested in their products. You need to clearly and accurately describe your target clients and build a “customer persona” for your business. Only then can you point them in your campaigns.
  2. Go to Yahoo Answers, Quora, and other similar websites and try to find out what questions people are asking in your niche. These are their points of pain and you have to deal with the answers to these issues in your content.
  3. Now is the time to do some keyword research. First, you need to write down your goals and business objectives. Then find useful keywords not only using Google Keyword Planner but also other tools. If you can’t afford a paid subscription, there’s more out there for free. This topic has been discussed elsewhere on YouTube on my channel, so I’m leaving it there. After you find the keywords, you have to organize them into groups and map the keywords to your website. Now is the time to write some content.
  4. Before you start writing use a tool called Buzzsumo to get an idea of ​​which topics get backlinks and social sharing. Make your own article and get ideas for subtitles. Before you start writing use a tool called Buzzsumo to get an idea of ​​which topics get backlinks and social sharing. Make your own article and get ideas for subtitles.

3. Connect Structure

Try to understand what a building link is and how it differs from spam. A backlink is a link that points to your website from somewhere else. You don’t need thousands of backlinks as many people are trying to promote. You only need a few backlinks but they are high quality.

The most important thing about backlinks is links. These links should be from the appropriate websites. Now the point to be made here is that websites are worth a lot of time to your competitors. However, if you try, you may find a few of the most relevant websites that are your competitors.

Don’t just focus on websites with the highest domain authority. If you do not know what domain authority is, use your free daily search on the Moz website and find the domain authority and page authority of any online site.

Don’t be discouraged, building a link is a slow process, and increasing the visibility of your website is a long-term commitment. So, just keep moving forward, moving slowly, slowly. Also, try to find links to your content as mentioned above.

4. Social Communication

Everyone knows that social media is important to make your website stand out. However, there are some very serious points to be aware of and I will try to put a brief mention of those here in this post. It’s because each of them needs a further explanation and I’ll include this in my future post.

Some important points are as follows:

  1. For continuous visibility and traffic to your website, you need to engage regularly with your audience and not meet from time to time. For this, you need to first find out what types of content are needed. Also, there are some metrics for engaging in Google analytics that you need to understand and be aware of. Videos are also ready for engagement. If you’re embarrassed about the camera, it’s not a problem! Just screenshot videos are enough to share. These are three points and some will be posted in separate posts with a description of these three.
  2. If you find that social media is frustrating, then use tools like schedule or Hootsuite.
  3. Last but not least, try to find “hot” social media and focus on that. People get a lot of visibility, traffic, and money on Facebook and LinkedIn in good times. However, now, in my opinion, these two are dead dogs for small businesses until you pay them a lot of money. However, the Facebook ad is still cheap, and if you know how to make a good habit or audience look like Facebook ads where you can try that and change that until you get results.

5. Promote your business website locally and offline online
There are still a large number of people who prefer paper format. There are many local magazines where they are widely distributed and advertising can be budget or free. You can speak to your council or local clubs and you can get a free ad or at a low price.

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