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5 Questions to Ask Before Creating a New Website

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TOP 5 Common Questions to Ask Before Creating a New Website in web design Agency | Building a website for your business is a good idea. Not having it yet is taking the risk of losing a large market share. Because now the Web is a very powerful site for exploring things.

Think of it! What do you do if you want to buy a product or use an app? You start with a search on Google or another search engine. All right! Know that your customers and prospects do the same. Invisibility on the Internet, therefore, reduces the most interesting customers.

Web Design Agency: Large Assets
A website not made per day. This is a job that takes time, but also skills. Contrary to what some platforms say, creating a free and easy website is not a good idea. Because the fact that having one is no longer the same: most companies have a website. The biggest challenge is to create one with real goals and a strategy to achieve it.

Applying for a web design agency, therefore, is a real asset to companies wishing to create a good website, which will allow them to stand out from their competitors and be valuable on the Internet. Thanks to our web design agency, you can enjoy the benefits from the expertise of our Web experts who will see for you an effective communication and marketing strategy.

Website Design: 5 Questions Ask Before Creating a New Website

Website Design: 5 Questions Ask Before Creating a New Website

Creating a website is not an innocent act for companies. It requires careful thought, even before it begins. To help you, the GNM Web Design agency has decided to take 5 questions that you should ask before starting your project.

1) What are the aims of your website?
For an Internet site to function properly, the first thing we must do is determine its role, that is, the goals it pursues. Depending on these goals, you will be creating a flexible and balanced marketing and marketing strategy that will allow you to access them more easily.

What terms can be posted on a website? They are numerous and varied and, in some cases, can be combined.
Sell ​​your products and services onlineIncrease your product knowledgeIntroduce my company and my products / servicesGet new customers Build customer loyaltyFor each of these purposes, a specific strategy must be set.

For example, if you want to retain your customers, you can create a blog where you regularly publish relevant tips that will make them want to come back regularly and learn new ones.

Or you can set up a personal account plan that allows customers to identify themselves to follow the order or have benefits.

2) What are the keywords in your business industry?
For your website to be visible, it must be well placed in search engine results like Google, Bing or Yahoo. And with that, two solutions, which often work together, are available to you: you can customize your site with SEO and build SEA (Google Ads) campaigns.

For both, it is necessary to determine the keywords that are relevant to your category. What is it about? Keyword (or keyword) is a collection of user-entered words in the Google search bar, Yahoo, Bing … Allows the user to navigate through thousands of thousands of online sites on the Web and find the right answer to his or her query. It also allows search engines to understand content on the site and, thus, send you when someone searches for the subject.

But how can you find keywords for your website?
You need to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and decide what to type in the Google search bar to find your services or products. There are tools specifically designed to do this job, some of which are free, some paid (examples: Moz, Keyword, Reply to Community, Google Ads …).

3) How does the competition work?
Another important point is to track the level of competitors on the Web. Are they real competitors, hard to beat? Or, rather, passing through them will not be so difficult? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. An interest in web design agency that can make you a competitive subject.

The aim is to determine the best and worst ways for competitors and ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors. It is therefore important, even if you are using a website building agency, to think about competitors with your website yourself.

Be careful, though, not only to compete with the people you know. The best-known keywords are not always the ones we think we are. Extending your competitive analysis is therefore important: you should also find out about companies you do not know but are well-represented in the keywords you are interested in because they are also part of those you should beat.

4) What budget do you want to spend on your website?
By using a website agency, you will have to pay a certain amount for your website. One of the first questions you should ask yourself is about the budget: how much are you willing to pay to have a good website? The price of a website depends on many different details: the type of website it is about (e-commerce, site display …), number of pages, whether or not to write website content, hosting or not a site, selected features, etc.

And what about price differences between agencies? How is it that some webmasters request a larger budget than others to do the same work? In the unlikely event that the price goes too far, it may be a question of quality.

There are agencies that reduce their prices, but they also don’t work well. While some are more expensive but get better results, sometimes it is because they spend more time on the project than the less expensive ones which still have to be profitable.

5) Are you ready to participate in the project?
Creating a website, or even a web agency, takes time and solicits your input and some of your staff. Why? Because there will be meetings and email exchanges, you will have to devote time to writing or re-reading the content of the site, to see if you like site design … And what is said is not limited to a project.

Inevitably digital transformation leads to changes in your company. Even if your website is online, we should continue to work on it: It must be updated because a website with outdated information does not promote trust and therefore cannot work.

You have to follow the clues, orders … that the website gives you to keep your SEO SEO up to date, it needs to be updated regularly: it is necessary for your homepage to be up to date, which is why you are interested in blogging his latest news from the home page; if you have a blog, you should keep it short and long articles at a steady pace; depending on competitors, you should also change your pages slightly to stay on top; etc.

All of this requires the implementation of an internal strategy, which you must maintain to ensure that your website meets the goals you set before.

The conclusion
If a company wants to be as efficient as possible, ignoring the Web is a big mistake: the Internet is now a huge source of search and lack of a website to put yourself at risk of not affecting a large portion of your audience. Not only do you need to be a website owner but you must also be successful. It must, therefore, meet certain objectives and pursue a long-term strategy to achieve it.

However, a website remains an investment in time and money. Before you create or run a web design company, you should ask yourself some simple questions that will allow you to get a clear idea of ​​your project.

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