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12 Free and Essential WordPress Plugins for USA 2021

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With a growing list of over 20,000 plugins, it is sometimes deceptive to find out which plugins you can use! This is a quick overview of the 12 essential WordPress plugins that all Bloggers should have. The good news (at the time of writing this) is all completely free. WordPress plugins are related to improving WordPress performance, security, SEO, and Social Marketing.

List of Essential WordPress Plugins

# 1 – Secure-WP Your first concern when anything is available online is why I set Secure-WP as one of the most important WordPress plugins out there. Don’t get me wrong – WordPress does a good traditional job of protecting your Blog, by providing you keep the version up to date.
Secure-WP strengthens that protection by continuing to remove information that can be used by hackers and removing sensitive information from user accounts while storing this information in the administrator account. Good stuff!

# 2 – Free WordPress spam
Spam is a GREAT problem for WordPress blogs, making the anti-spam plugin one of the most important WordPress plugins. I use free WordPress spam, which seems to work really well. Over a period of 6 months, it blocked more than 8,000 spam views, a number that appears to be growing rapidly. Now imagine having to go through 40-50 spam comments a day! One of the main reasons we use plugins is to save time, and Spam Free WordPress certainly does this!

Essential WordPress plugins # 3 – W3 Temporary Theme
After attention and spam are taken care of, site speed is the next thing that comes to mind. No one will have to wait about 30 seconds for your webpage to load, so site speed is important. Now I’m going to talk about some great WordPress plugins that help charge your website.
The first is W3 Total Cache. This plugin is very popular, downloaded about 1.2 million times! In short, it makes your WordPress Blog faster!

# 4 – WP Prepare
WordPress is run by a database. When the database is very efficient, quick pages can be accessed from the database, where your site carries your visitors. However, over time, the WordPress database may be contaminated with unnecessary information (such as deleted content, spam comments, old page updates, etc.). This increases the overall size of the database and increases access times to that database. Final result – your pages take longer to open.
WP-Optimize automatically cleans your database and keeps it organized by deleting unnecessary data.

# 5 – WP data backup

Essential WordPress Plugins

Depending on the essential WordPress plugins, back up your data right away. It’s something we all leave until it’s too late, and wish we hadn’t left it. WP Database Backup makes it easy to back up the root. The important thing here is that you can easily back up your site with WP DB WordPress tables.
The worst thing about this plugin is that it is a little tricky to return if something happens to your site. There are other plugins out there that are easy to use, like Backup Buddy in WordPress sites.

# 6 – Broken Link Checker
There is nothing more frustrating than clicking a link and finding the “page not found” error. While this is annoying for the visitor, it often results in pressuring that visitor (and potential customer) away from your website.

Broken Link Checker can monitor links to your posts, pages, comments, blogroll, and custom fields and reports your links.

The Core of WordPress and Plugins #7-Google XML Sitemaps
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of SEO-related plugins. Only a few of them, I’d consider it necessary WordPress plugins. The first one is Google XML Sitemaps. A site map is basically a map of a site that explains all the individual pages and how they fit together – like structure. Google and other major search engines will use this list to find and index your site more efficiently.

Google XML Sitemap (s) to automatically create a site map and a constantly updated with new content being added to it. In addition, it notifies all major search engines every time you create and post new content.

#8-All-in-one SEO Package
The All-in-One is the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress blogs. It helps you optimize your pages and posts, auto-generation of meta tags, and it will help you to optimize the page title. The great thing about it is the All in One SEO pack is that it is fully functional, it is doesn’t require a very limited system, making it a great solution for those who are new to WordPress, and SEO.

#9-The End Goal Is To Follow Me
This could be my favorite of the great WordPress plugins listed here. The ultimate Follow-to Me is actually a WordPress sidebar widget that links to your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other social platforms. Now also on Google +1, which is generally considered to be a very strong increase in the ranking in the search engines.
I’ve already seen a lot of this in social marketing and plug-ins. There are a variety of sizes to choose from, and it will look great on the side bar-your guests will be sure not to miss out on it!

#10-a Workaholic
One of the most important WordPress plugins, that I can’t live without it anymore! The plugin will automatically create a fun, social, marketing, dashboard, at the bottom of the posts, where people can like your post on Facebook, post to Twitter, or share via numerous social bookmarking sites.
At the time of this writing, Shareaholic supports 85 pages! It also comes in 3 different variations: classic, bookmarks, sexy, bookmarks, and brutal and bookmarks. As soon as you decide which social network to use Shareaholic automatically be left at the bottom of a page or a post, although you have the option, to the replacement of the plugin, page by page so that you can’t see it.

#11 – A Google Analytics Dashboard
The Google Analytics dashboard and follow the users on each of your pages from the WordPress dashboard, so you don’t need to log in to your Google Analytics account. You can also embed the components of google analytics directly into the posts, or as part of your new theme. A warning of this plugin is that it doesn’t have the full details of which can be picked up directly from your Google Analytics account. It will give you the basic information you will need to have in order to be able to see who was visiting, and that’s what I see in my google analytics account.

#12 – The Links To The Websites
For me, personally, this is one of the most important WordPress plugins that I use. I’ve been using it primarily in relation to the content, which I used on the first page.
The problem is that sometimes I don’t want to use the first 200 characters of my items, as each one seems to be on the first page associated with the item, what should I do? I will create a new page with all the words that I want to use, and I will use these links to go to the plugin page and redirect from that page to the actual post.
Most WordPress Resume Plugins.

The main idea behind the module is to make it easier for you to get started with a WordPress blog, but on the basis of your own experience, how to find a plugin that does what you want it to do, can often be a frustrating task on its own!

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